British phenom Archy Marshall, otherwise known as King Krule, is all set to release his follow-up to 2011′s breathtaking self-titled EP. Marshall’s highly anticipated debut full-length,6 Feet Beneath The Moon, is due out on August 24 via XL and True Panther Sounds.
The album’s first single,Easy Easy, is little more than a Joy Division-esque riff and Marshall’s uneasy, yet endearing baritone vocals; thankfully, as with most of King Krule’s music,Easy Easy‘s beauty lies in its deceptive simplicity. Check out the track, as well as6 Feet Beneath The Moon’s tracklist, below.

Tracklist For6 Feet Beneath The Moon:
01. Easy Easy
02. Boarder Line
03. Has This Hit?
04. Foreign 2
05. Ceiling
06. Baby Blue
07. Cementality
08. A Lizard State
09. Will I Come
10. Ocean Bed
11. Neptune Estate
12. The Krockadile
13. Out Getting RIbs
14. Bathed In Grey