Steve Albini

Steve Albini, our favorite rock curmudgeon, superproducer and food blogger took to meme-generator Reddit yesterday to answer the questions of that masses. The questions ranged from intricate recording queries to appeals to his inner chef and, of course, personal hate-baiting. As usual, Albini’s no-b.s. and fuck-all attitude makes for a worthy, albeit lengthy read.

Read the whole conversation and see some highlights below. We are the people, Mr. Albini, and we want to know.

Why don’t you like jazz?
Because it sucks and I’m tired of hearing about it. Believe me I’ve tried. I just hate the parts I hate about it more than I like the little things there are to like. The batting average is just so low I can’t bear the dead time between highlights being filled with all that noodling. It’s vain music.

What was working with Cloud Nothings like? I loved Attack on Memory.
I was playing Scrabble the whole time so I don’t remember.

If a band’s appearance doesn’t matter then what say you about a band’s smell? Are smellier bands more interesting than non-smelly bands?
Man that band Leftover Crack had a mean pong on em. Like being spritzed with vinegar and ammonia. Actually made my eyes water.

What happened when you were helping to produce Nirvana’s In Utero? Didn’t they decide to go with someone else on the singles?
[...] The record that made it into the stores is the one Nirvana wanted you to hear, and I’m content with that. I have no beef with Nirvana, they were a normal bunch of guys under extraordinary stress and they behaved normally. All the motherfuckers around them, all their functionaries and managers and label parasites, those petty little people who fucked with them to preserve their positions within the industry, fuck every last one of them.