It’s hard to make much of a splash on a late-night talk show—even the best performances tend to be pretty by the book—but last night Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox brought a touch of the theatrical to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Sporting a ratty black wig, a flashy spotted shirt and some bloody gauze on a few of his fingers, Cox led his band in a spirited rendition of the title track to Monomania, the group’s highly anticipated new record. As the dreamy garage-rock song built to its tape-loop-filled climax—nice “cut to the tape recorder” moment at 2:50—Cox makes his grand exit. It’s a pretty great moment. Check it out below.

You know you made an impression when even Black Thought (of Fallon house band the Roots) tweets about your performance.

Monomania comes out on May 7 via 4AD. The band also released the studio version of the track on iTunes last night, and you can stream it below.