Jaime Neely – Photo by Kent Miller

On top of the hundreds of showcases from the best rising artists, CMJ Music Marathon hosts a daytime conference, and this year we have a line up of panels packed with industry professionals, emergent entrepreneurs and new media revolutionaries. The conference, headquartered on NYU’s Helen and Martin Kimmel Center on Washington Square Park, will feature a series of more than 80 panels for four straight days in October.

The initial list of featured panels and events for this year’s conference include:

The Big Picture: An Industry Overview: Music is at the center of the digital revolution and continues to drive innovation, online commerce, and conversation. We’ll take a step back for a bird’s eye view of our ever shifting industry, look ahead to that connected future, and discuss what that music-infused reality means for the world.

The Death of A&R: The death of proper artist development at major labels has left a huge vacuum of talent for independent labels to take advantage of. Artists and managers are developing talent outside the system, forcing the majors to come to them. How have major labels redefined their roles and what does it mean to artists trying to make the jump to the big leagues?

Brand You: Maximizing Corporate Partnerships: Learn how to maximize your relationship to further your career while never feeling like you’re compromising artistic integrity.

The New Age of Independent Labels: The rise of the indie label has advanced music artistically by birthing new genres that didn’t fit into the major label formula. The future of independent labels seems bright, but the new landscape they’re playing such a pivotal role in shaping is still shifting.

Broadcasted: The Reign of the Music Video: MTV changed music, and now YouTube is doing it all over again. It’s a brave new world of video-based music. What does the shift mean to artists trying to make the the all important visual statement?

Product Revolution: The Future of Hardware: The number of streaming subscribers will nearly triple in the next few years and the demand for connected audio products will nearly double. What effect is the shift to on demand streaming subscriptions having on the future of networked, wireless, audio products?

Back in Black: The Return of Vinyl: For vinyl lovers all over the world, it’s no surprise that vinyl has returned as a viable physical product. Most vinyl buyers are also using paid music services, so is it possible this digital explosion is just facilitating a return to this once archaic format? Join 7-inch archaeologists, labels, and all round vinyl junkies to explore the current state of vinyl and what this explosive market growth ultimately means for the future of the format.

iTunes: A Decade Later: Apple’s iTunes turned ten this year. A major breakthrough for the music business, it had a profound influence on the direction of the industry by making it possible for anyone to own and play music in less than a minute’s time. A decade later, while digital music is still gaining traction, the age of the download seems to be coming to an end, but iTunes Radio signals another shift in the making.

EDM: The Last Dance?: Daft Punk’s return to a more conventional approach to recording has brought into question the music’s complacency, ease of creation, and quest for the next big sound. Join artists, labels, and media experts to gauge the identity crisis and what it all means for the future of EDM.

Don’t forget the networking must-attend event for all station personnel, the College Radio Mixer, October 15! Refreshments and music courtesy of the New Zealand Music Commission to get radio station attendees all dialed in for College Day (October 17), the for-college-radio, by-college-radio programming at CMJ Music Marathon 2013!

And new this year is Serenity Now: Morning Yoga Sessions, Led by a top instructor, these zen-inducing yoga classes will lead you to that happy place, setting you up right for another day of panel insights and/or music mayhem.

All CMJ Music Marathon events are subject to change.