CMJ 2012 Panels

CMJ Music Marathon isn’t just about seeing future stars and established artists packing out venues across New York City. The festival also presents a series of panels every year, where critical issues facing the music industry are thoroughly chewed over.

Badge holders to the festival are presented with the opportunity to join music industry veterans and rising stars at the panels, who offer penetrative analysis and thoughts on an ever-changing marketplace. The Kimmel Center at New York University’s historic Greenwich Village campus hosts an eclectic selection of shrewd and insightful thinkers throughout October 16-20, where critical topics facing the business are thoroughly scrutinized.

This year CMJ is introducing several new features to its complement of panels, including a series of career counseling sessions. These one-on-one meetings present potential executives with critical alone time with a trusted professional in the industry, who will offer guidance and opinion gleaned from years spent on the frontlines of a volatile business.

CMJ already announced its first list of panels, which featured topics themed around social media, branded placement, and cloud computing. Now, the second list of panels for the 2012 festival has been announced. Highlights include:

  • A New Wave of Electronic Phonic: We chronicle EDM’s meteoric rise in the U.S. over the past few years. Artists such as Skrillex will be microscoped and experts from the genre will discuss the state and future of electronic music.
  • Advanced PR Techniques for the Digital World: What tools and techniques work best in the implementation of successful PR campaigns? What should you budget to engage a PR firm? This panel is all about cutting-edge PR campaigns.
  • Analyzing Digital and Physical Sales in a Global Market: Some view the independent sector as inferior in market value and only representing a “long-tail” specialist repertoire. We delve into what effect these views have on the long-term success of digital music services, on their consumers, and more.
  • Behind the Digital Wall: A lot goes into a creating a digital file and we delve into all the information baked in. This discussion will include insider secrets, tips, tools and apps that can be employed to get more traction out of the zeros and ones behind the music.
  • Composer’s Consortium: There is a world of opportunity for composers in today’s music landscape. Here, composers from different music stances will share knowledge and answer all your questions on how to start composing music for modern media.
  • Good Will Music: Music has the power to elevate, inspire and tap into the cognitive emotional zone in all of us. Fundraising trailblazers share great stories and get technical about what it’s like to fight for a cause in the modern world of music.
  • I Lived the Heyday and I See the Future: The music business has undergone a 180-degree change in recent years. Our panelists share stories from yesteryear and predictions for the future in the areas of radio play, digital sales, brand alignment, and A&R.
  • Modern Barriers to Entry: From prestigious bloggers to major label executives, who are today’s gatekeepers and what are they looking for? These professional tastemakers talk candidly about what it takes to get to the next level.
  • The Impact and Traction of College Radio: What impact does college radio have on the new music industry circa 2012? This panel analyzes music trends, artist case studies, and the digital domain, along with specific advice on what is working at college radio.
  • Breaking Digital: Go behind the scenes to find out what it REALLY takes to break a band in the digital world. Case-study scenarios will be examined by pros as they analyze artist-centric PR, marketing, touring and radio campaigns.
  • Moonlighting Music: Melodically Supplementing Your Income: Are you a weekend musician or hobbyist? Why not turn that passion into part-time cash. This panel will give a specific road map on what it will take to: 1. Prepare 2. Release a record 3. Get gigs, 4. Quit your day job.
  • Modern Merch: Beyond the Tour T-Shirt: You create great music. Now support and supplement it with killer merch. We’ll offer non-traditional creative advice (along with specific ideas) on creating merchandise-driven revenue streams.
  • The Pitch Party: A Daily Lane for Opportunity: A panel of professionals from various yet critical worlds listen and respond to your media pitch. A different mix of panelists every day, including figures from record label A&R, publishing, radio, music supervision and entertainment law, will offer candid feedback and who knows what else?
  • The 411 D.I.Y. Roundup: There are more and more success stories every year triggered by artists going it alone. What’s new and what’s working? This panel will reveal cutting edge techniques that successful D.I.Y. artists rely upon for their projects.
  • The 411 Indie Label Roundup: Which indie labels are flourishing, and what are they specifically doing for their artists? How are indie label deals cut and what do the financials look like? We’ll cover a wide range of useful information on the modern indie label.
  • The 411 Major Label Roundup: Over recent years there have been seismic changes in major label-land. Who is left, who is on top and who is doing business? What is the current state of major labels and what goes on inside their respective four walls? This panel will give you up-to-the minute information on all things Major Label.
  • I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream…For What!?: Search “music streaming” and what comes up? FREE! Who is getting paid and how much? What happens behind the scenes when a song is streamed? This panel addresses all the details on streaming and modern subscription models.
  • I’m A P.R.O.! Performing Rights Updates and Info: An overview of Performing Rights Organizations. Why and when do you need a P.R.O.? What are the differences among the various organizations? How does the payout work? Bring your questions and this panel will supply the answers.
  • Getting Licensed on Licensing: Straight talk and straight answers: 1. The fundamentals of owning a copyright 2. Different types of licenses such as a synchronization license 3. Up to the minute information on how musicians are generating revenue by licensing their work.
  • I’ve Got You Covered: How does one obtain the right to cover a song and potentially make money from it? This panel covers every element necessary to generate a new revenue stream from covering songs.
  • Open Forum No Boredom: Bring your best ideas, your thoughts, dreams, fears and game plans to the mic and bounce them off these iconic music industry sounding boards.
  • Unturned Stones: Don’t Leave Money on the Table: There have been many recent studies about where musicians are finding revenue. Which sources can generate the most cash and which are likely to come up dry? Pennies add up from the traditional and non-traditional revenue streams to be discussed in detail.
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Recording, mixing and mastering completely inside the digital domain is becoming the rule instead of the exception. Learn tips, tricks and methods that the pros are implementing to make records. Guitar amp simulators, plugins, DAWs such as Pro Tools, SONAR X2, Logic and more; find out what’s on the cutting edge.
  • Tattoo U: Thinking about getting a tattoo? Do you have a killer tattoo to share? Ink experts will exhibit great designs, demonstrate how tattoos are made, and reveal what to look out for when getting a new tattoo. Get straight answers to questions before slinging the ink.
  • The Two Most Important Elements of Digital Recording: Microphone and Preamp: The two most important elements of a recording remain the microphone and preamp. This panel of experts will explain exactly how an analogue signal passes through a microphone and preamp to give you recorded sound.
  • The Synch is Backed Up: How are artists with successful placements making it through the clutter and the noise? What “3rd Party” placement companies are credible and what piece of the pie are they taking? Great advice from experienced executives on getting your music placed into media.
  • The Pedal to the Metal: Dedicated fans of heavy metal culture keep the scene thriving by supporting its artists and shows. What is the secret to this genre’s success and what can the rest of the music business learn from it? How are metal bands weathering today’s changing climate? This panel of metallic industry warriors will set fire to your face.
  • Career Counseling Meetings: Ever wanted to get a one on one session with a trusted pro from the music industry? Kickstart your career as an executive by receiving vital advice from important figures who have seen it all and are willing to share their experiences with laser-like guidance. Topics include:


Click here to view the full list of panels announced so far.

CMJ’s panels are open to anyone who has a badge for the event. Head over here to register for a badge for the 2012 Music Marathon, which takes place between October 16-20 in New York City.