New York based Walking Shapes was formed by way of mountains and through the tides of the city. Their musical histories extend somewhere between the secret valleys of the Balkan Mountains, the theatre stages on Broadway, and sound chambers in the depths of SoHo. Exuding a fresh meld of songwriting, this group mixes driving guitars with intricate string arrangements and stand out vocals.

Nathanial Hoho – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Jesse Kotansky – guitar, violin, vocals

Jake Generalli – keys, vocals

Dan Krysa – bass, vocals

Christopher Heinz – drums

Q: What's your favorite CMJ memory?
A: This is the first year for Walking Shapes, we only formed this past year. Been playing CMJ for a few years, memory? it tends to lapse to the present when present
Q: How far did you travel?
A: Meet at the Call Box Lounge, all walk to the L Train
Q: What's your favorite NYC venue? Bar/restaurant?
A: CallBox Lounge near Kingslanding Crossing aka the Avenue of Grandfathers. Its a hasidic sportsbar by day, happy lazertastic dance party by night
Q: What 2013 CMJ Artists are you excited to see?
A: Kingsland Avers aka Kingslandia aka Kingslanding You know, people we see regularly in our hood Ferrari Truck, Seasick Mama, Lord Fascinator, Georgie from Bravo and all the peeps who come from outta town, love running into a good band who perhaps we can play with when we are on tour in their region
Q: Describe yourself in 100 characters or less
A: restless
Q: Tell us a festival faux pas to avoid
A: noteepeeforthebunghole