Radical Dads coalesced in Brooklyn, NY ca. 2008, though they first laid ears on each other all the way back in the mythic ancient age known as the late 1990s. In addition to disaster and piracy, Radical Dads’ interest include land use, feedback, distortion, and feedback-laced distortion.

Robbie Guertin – Drummer/Vocals

Chris Diken – Guitar

Lindsay Baker – Guitar/Vocals

Q: What's your favorite CMJ memory?
A: We have played CMJ every year since 2010, so this will be our 4th time playing it! Last year we played Dirty Laundry TV's showcase at Pianos. We took a little longer than we should have eating dinner because we thought they were running late, but when we got back, WE were the ones who were late! We were still able to set up and play a quick 5 songs in a total of about 20 minutes. Not bad!
Q: How far did you travel?
A: Both of our shows are in our neighborhood!
Q: What's your favorite NYC venue? Bar/restaurant?
A: We loved Bruar Falls, so we were sad to see it go. Cake Shop and DBA will always be near and dear to our hearts.
Q: What 2013 CMJ Artists are you excited to see?
A: Exploding in Sound Records is pretty much killing it across the board in our book, so we'll be on the lookout for any of their bands.
Q: Describe yourself in 100 characters or less
A: Gowanus Sludge
Q: Tell us a festival faux pas to avoid
A: Bands who take too long to finish their dinner and are then late for their sets are the WORST -GAWD!