Apollo Run's music takes you through a collage study of rock music’s history: from loose cabaret, to tight Journey-style anthems, to horn lines straight from Cetera-era Chicago, all channeled through fairly intimate lyrics for such a large sound.

John McGrew – lead vocals/keys

Jeff Kerestes – bass/vocals

Graham Fisk – drums/vocals

Q: What's your favorite CMJ memory?
A: We've played CMJ the past three or four years. Highlights include sharing the stage with Surfer Blood at Cake Shop and catching Local Natives in a 100-person cap room before they blew up.
Q: How far did you travel?
A: Subway!
Q: What's your favorite NYC venue? Bar/restaurant?
A: Hard to go with just one. Le Poisson Rouge books amazing music, and we always enjoy playing Rockwood Stage 2/Roberta's and Littleneck are both awesome restaurants/Brooklyn Social serves amazing cocktails, plus it's throwback. Which is nice.
Q: What 2013 CMJ Artists are you excited to see?
A: Firehorse. Plus any band with the word "ghost" in it. They're usually pretty good.
Q: Describe yourself in 100 characters or less
A: Big-hearted myth rock with vocal harmonies and distorted lead bass lines. You'll dance. And cry.
Q: Tell us a festival faux pas to avoid
A: At outdoor music festivals? Umbrellas if it's raining. Excessive use of tablets to record video.