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Ground Original / DJ JS-1

During the past decade & a half the “DJ / turntablist” has gained even more notoriety and popularity. One “DJ” at the forefront of this movement is Queens native, DJ JS-1 from New York City. As a member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew and partner with Rahzel (the world's #1 beatboxer), JS-1 has toured the planet doing over 1,200 shows in more than 40 countries and hundreds of cities. Starting out in the late 80's and honing his craft through out the 90's, JS-1 has consistently been one of the hardest-working “djays” around. From his earlier tracks on the “Return of the DJ” series in the mid 90's, to his countless classic mixtapes, top-selling break records, several 12” singles, 6 full length solo albums, radio & tv appearances, and also touring with KRS-ONE for a while, DJ JS-1 has stayed relevant, very busy, and on top of the DJ game for years.
While building a fan base by producing all these projects and constantly touring, JS has also been on television many times, not only in the USA, but in many different countries. Known for rocking festivals, concerts and clubs opening for major acts, scratching with his foot, along with his extensive catalog of hip hop productions & mixtapes, he has entertained millions of different people around the world. DJ JS-1 has also done several corporate gigs as his services stay in demand by some of the biggest companies in the world. Many of these appearances and albums have lead to interviews and reviews in major publications, as well as his constant presence on all the biggest hip hop websites and blogspots. Last year alone, JS-1 had music, interviews or reviews on hundreds of the biggest sites. The assortment of 12” singles, mixtapes, break records & albums he has produced and released has separated him from most of the other “DJ / turntablists” in the world who do not produce their own music. In the era of EVERYONE posing as a "DJ", JS-1 maintains a level of musical integrity, never follows trends, and always shows his skills while keeping the masses dancing, all eyes on the stage... There are very few djays with a resume' and career that compares to DJ JS-1, have performed in as many venues around the world, worked with as many artists, performed on stage with as many artists and djays, and at such a diverse variety of gigs. Overall, it's obvious that DJ JS-1 keeps himself very busy between producing and touring around the globe doing a variety of shows. Look out for DJ JS-1 to be touring through a city near you...