Neurotic Media

I was fascinated by music from a very young age. Growing up in the immigrant melting pot that is Israel, I was fascinated by my Yemeni neighbors who danced passionately as if in a trance while drumming on a simple tin pickles can; by my Moroccan neighbors who sang as a group to Arabic music; and by my Russian neighbors who played odd folk music really loud on their convertible car stereo. How can such different sounds move such inherently different people to express a similar passion? I was also surprised to see my 5-months old sister dancing, bobbing her head up and down to pop music: We didn't teach her that! Was she born with dancing in her genes? Are we all born this way? Later on, I was moved by how boundaries came down between Israelis and Palestinians in dance clubs and concerts. Even in sport event there is team-based divisiveness in the crowd. But in a music concert, everyone in the crowd is on the same team.

My interest in learning more about music brought me to the USA where I studied Music Industry and Production at Georgia State University (B.S. School of Music, 1995). I worked in radio a bit (WRAS), as well as in A&R and marketing roles (Ichiban Records till 1998). I ran my own indie label for a while as well (Shoestring Records). Over the years, I developed a passion for the creative process as well as a fascination with the business process of the music field - with how and why people listen to and consume their favorite music. I knew this was my carrier path moving fwd: Figuring out how to deliver music to people in ways they enjoy and appreciate, ways that move them in a positive way.

I first got involved in doing so digitally in 1998 at Amplified Holdings (Senior VP, International Business Development). When the opportunity came to establish my own company in 2001, I knew what will become Neurotic Media's core mission: Helping content owners and brands deliver music that moves fans to action.

Since music connects with fans emotionally and lifestyle- wise, it has the power to motivate consumers to take action, may that action be purchasing music from an online retailer or a mobile carrier, registering on a brand's site or social media page, or purchasing a specific brand's product because of the way the it associated itself with music the consumer loves. In the past decade, we've learned how to achieve these goals with various strong technological solutions. Our strong expertise remains in the essence of working with music itself, and helping our clients infuse their marketing strategy with the raw passion that only music can deliver. Music moves.