Co-Founder | CEO

Artist Growth

Matt Urmy has already demonstrated effectiveness as an executor for
Artist Growth by forging partnerships & inking deals with several of the
leading Institutions in the industry, (both in the evolving music tech
ecosystem and the traditional industry) within the first few months of the
company’s launch. He is a musician, teacher and data management
analyst who designed databases for international clinical studies in
Oncology Research @ HCA in Nashville, as well as a seasoned a public speaker. He brings a
diverse and extensive career in the arts, healthcare, and education to his role as CEO. His
background in healthcare data management informed much of his insight into the design of the
Urmy has a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry and, prior to launching Artist Growth,
recorded an album with the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement, and was recently named Entrepreneur in Residence @ NYU, and nominated for Entrepreneur of the year by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.