Music Director

WXOU Radio 88.3

In 2001, little did 11-year-old Luke "Diamond" Phillips know that a cursory purchase of the first Gorillaz album would start him on the long, endless, but rewarding road to restless music fandom. After mentally sponging all of the information on his favorite bands he could muster via the nascent Wikipedia, Luke read "Our Band Could Be Your Life" as a sophomore in high school, and his worldview was forever changed. Punk rock became more than just a style of music and an attitude – it became a lifestyle, and Whatever You Make It To Be.
With high school behind him, Luke found himself at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, and quickly became a prominent hanger-on at the campus radio station, WXOU. His very own show, "Frampton's Watermelon," debuted early in 2009, and has been a WXOU mainstay since -- playing the best in power pop, punk, garage rock, indie, and whatever else strikes Luke's ears immediately before airtime, week after week.
Fellow DJs and WXOU staffers soon took notice of Luke’s wide-ranging, all-encompassing, super-inclusive taste, encyclopedic knowledge of bands and artists, and willingness to animatedly discuss these and other subjects with anyone and everyone. This was a boon for when Luke successfully applied to be WXOU’s Music Director in 2010 – a position he has carried proudly ever since.
As part of WXOU’s 2011 executive staff, Luke was an active producer of and contributor to many of the submissions that helped WXOU take home its first Michigan Association of Broadcasters College Station of the Year award (in addition to netting himself an Honorable Mention in the Promotional Announcement for a promo he masterminded.)
Luke is more than excited to be a part of CMJ Festival 2012. The opportunity to participate in the fest is the pinnacle of a collegiate experience dedicated to fighting the good fight left of the dial. He’s super excited to meet and chat with you, too!