Artist Relations/Producer/Engineer


Jimmy Landry is a New York City based Music Industry professional who has seen every angle of the business toggling back and forth from the artistic side (A&R/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist/Singer/Songwriter/Engineer) of Major Labels, to the business side (Radio Promotion/Marketing/Music Business Panel Director for CMJ). Starting out as a young touring musician from the state of Maine, he quickly found his way to NYC where he played guitar and sang backing vocals in the band “Hidden Persuaders” which became known as “Splender” (Columbia Records). A temporary job at the front desk of Elektra Records gave him a taste of “the biz” where for the next five years he worked his way up the ladder in the Radio Promotion, Marketing, and A&R Departments. He left his employment at Elektra to sign a record deal with EMI/Priority/Capitol with his band known as “The Wine Field” which had great touring/sales success both nationally and internationally. Most recently he holds the position of Artist/Producer Relations for Cakewalk by Roland while continuing to work with artists, record labels, publishers and brands in various capacities. He has seen diverse songwriting/production success from Pokémon DVD’s to cuts with artists such as Rooster (SONY/BMG,) Dilana (Rock Star Super Nova,) and Comic Book Heroes (Disney Top 30 artist charts and NASCAR.) He is currently collaborating with songwriter/artist Jodi Good.