Chief International Executive

a-Peer Synergy Culture & Technology Co.

Jean Hsiao Wernheim is the International Chief Executive at Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group, and Co-Founder of a-Peer Holding Group. Jean is an American and Swedish citizen from Taiwan, with 25 years of experience in media sectors and international marketing. In 1994 Jean served as International Director at MNW Records, the largest Swedish independent record label, releasing Swedish artists and music world-wide. In 2006, Jean and partner, Ed Yen, founded an innovative digital music business platform, a-Peer Holding Group. A-Peer is incorporated in the U.S. As Principal, Jean oversees global sales and marketing for Chinese and other foreign music and media industries. In 2007 a-Peer entered in to a joint venture with Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, one of China’s most influential media and entertainment groups. In this role she handles global licensing.