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In the music industry, you usually can’t have it both ways. You find a musician who gets what life is like in the studio and in front of the stage lights, but who finds the business side of things a mystery. Alternatively, you get the industry insider who knows how to close a deal but not how to hold an instrument. Not so with Cameron Mizell. This Brooklyn based freelance musician and online musician’s advocate knows how to straddle the divide.

As an artist, Mizell's creative outputs include his own jazz/funk trio, which released Tributary, his third album, in 2010. He is currently recording an album of new material with vocalist Calley Bliss under the moniker When We Were Six.

Mizell is also a versatile, and busy, sideman in the NYC music scene. Any given week he may be performing uptown with a Spanish rock band, downtown with singer/songwriters, or midtown in a theatre pit.

Before becoming a freelance musician, Mizell had a gig of a different sort – behind a desk at Verve Records. As head of production at Universal Music Group subsidiary Verve Music Group, Mizell got a look at a side of the music industry most musicians never get to see. In his three years at Verve, Mizell learned invaluable information that has helped him as an independent musician.

In 2008, Mizell decided to combine his knowledge of the industry with his understanding of life as a musician and put it to good use. Together with Dave Hahn, Mizell founded the website Musician Wages. Musician Wages offers music industry advice specifically geared towards the working musician. The site has become a thought leader in the musician community due to Hahn and Mizell’s commitment to integrity, practicality, and honest perspective from their own careers.