Director of Strategy & Content

Music Dealers

Antony Demekhin is Director of Strategy & Content for Music Dealers, a sync licensing company and music agency. After playing music for most of his waking life and wearing every music-related hat imaginable throughout college in preparation for a career in the music business, the uncertainty of the industry in 2005 drove him to another creative field; advertising. He then spent 6 years working with brands like Macy's, Procter & Gamble, Nintendo and Kellogg's, before returning to the music world as a bridge between independent artists and the brands/agencies seeking to work with them. In his current role, Antony connects top brands like Coca-Cola with the ever-evolving music industry and the new breed of independent artists working within it. From getting more out of a traditional sync placement, to branded content and event bookings, Antony is constantly on the look out for opportunities that create more shared value between brand and artist.