Dum Dum Girls – Photo by Chris Becker

By 8:15 p.m., the line was already wrapped around the block for the Stereogum/Popgun show at Glasslands. The doors opened about half an hour late, and kids were pretty anxious to rush into the venue, but everyone still seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Io Echo tested the mic with mesmerizing cooing sounds, almost seeming like an on-the-spot performance. The lead singer danced around the stage wearing a long, ghostly white kimono over a happy-face-print dress that wouldn’t seem out of place at a rave. She twirled around the mic stand as if it were a baton, often pointing it at the crowd. She was charming and oddly angelic, greeting the crowd with “This is my first time at CMJ. Thanks for being so lovely.”

Port St. Willow hypnotized the crowd with its watery, synth-heavy music. Savages, the all-girl post-punk band stirred up the crowd with a wild performance, the lead singer running around stage barefoot, cawing into the mic and other members of the band stomping around in Dr. Martens. The lead singer yelled at the crowd often, announcing songs like “This next song is called ‘Shut Up’! And that’s what we gotta do.” Guards put the crowd back into a haze with a crazy fog machine that completely blocked everyone’s vision. When ’60s mod-inspired quartet Dum Dum Girls finally stepped onto the stage at 12:45 a.m., everyone was happily tipsy and cheering for them. They serenaded the crowd with their hit single “Bhang Bhang, I’m A Burnout” and about 10 other songs. Although no one in the crowd was cheering for an encore, they came back to play one last song as the crowd was drifting out of the venue.

Photos by Chris Becker