Noah and the Whale - Photo by Nancy Hoang

Noah And The Whale – Photo by Nancy Hoang

“Do you like Noah And The Whale?”

“I like them enough to be here alone.”

There were a lot of questions like that overheard among the packed audience at Irving Plaza last night. Fans of Noah And The Whale were buzzing with excitement, and all conversations surrounded the English band. Hence it was a night of smitten adoration for the band, with many song suggestions coming from the audience as well as comments like, “You’re killing it! You’re so good!” (during The First Days of Spring‘s Stranger) and “Fuck yeah, Charlie!” during the night’s encore.

Amid all the casual conversation between front man Charlie Fink and the crowd, of course, was a set that sampled the entirety of Noah And The Whale’s discography for a night of favorites for old and new fans alike. Opening with Tonight’s The Kind Of Night, the venue erupted in startling cheers, but that response would soon be the norm for each song’s introduction throughout the night. Onstage, Noah And The Whale were merrily dancing along to their exuberant melodies, and down below the audience was dancing right along. “I think it’s important we do some dancing together,” stated Fink while placing his guitar down, getting ready for the imminent dance craze of Shape Of My Heart. While Fink’s dance moves proved commendable, his unwavering vocals were exceptional considering the dizzying twirls he was taking onstage.

And when songs took a turn for the slower side, attentions stayed glued to the stage. Mary held the audience captive thanks to Fink’s emotionally wrought vocals and Tom Hobden’s ethereal violin. Despite the seriousness of the lyricism, matters mostly stayed lighthearted and fun thanks to the lively audience. “She’s a liar!” screamed a keen concert-goer before Fink sang, “And I said, please don’t lie to me Mary,” eliciting smiles across the faces of the band. “Great reading into the song man,” said an amused Fink once the song closed.

Throughout the night, these amicable moments between band and audience were frequent and heartwarming. The jovial atmosphere could be attributed to this being the final night of the band’s Heart Of Nowhere Tour, or what NATW renamed, “The Endless Glory Tour.” Or perhaps it was due to the wafting aroma of the four pizzas delivered to the band’s dressing room that was cause for the good mood. And because it was the final night of the tour, Noah And The Whale prepared a surprise song because “New York City is the best of all time.” And what followed suit was a ground shaking rendition of the Beastie Boy’s (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) that had the crowd chanting along. A friendly yet fierce guitar duel between Fred Abbott and Matt Owens followed suit during Still After All These Years, closing out the Heart Of Nowhere Tour on a truly high note.