Here comes the rain

  • Yesterday my phone was at least kind enough to lie to me about having bars. Today it’s like, “Not a chance, a-hole!”

  • Can’t. Handle. Givers. Too. Adorable. And. Spunky.

  • Uh oh. Storm is brewing. Park is evacuating.

  • Spotted: Bros making mad dash for CVS. Clearing out beer shelves. “Grab the tall boys!”

  • Hanging in a hotel room with Bud Lights, Pop-Tarts and 30 of my new closest friends.

  • Aaaand we’re back. Sinking in the mud while watching Tune-Yards.

  • The Weeknd is impregnating the entire Lolla crowd right now with some sweet, sweet R&B. Contrary to rumor, his voice does not suck live.

  • “I’m so tired of hipsters,” says a hipster.

    Frank Ocean, Lollapalooza, Frank Ocean Lollapalooza, Frank Ocean Lolla

    Frank Ocean

  • Frank Ocean is a little bitch!” Why? “He kicked everyone out from backstage.” #vipproblems

  • Ocean opens with Sade’s “By Your Side.” Perfect choice.

  • “I got into a little trouble with this song.” “He’s going to play ‘Bad Religion.’” Nope. “American Wedding.” #donhenleyproblems


  • Sigur Rós feels less epic playing in the daytime. Should’ve saved them for nightfall.

  • Toro Y Moi is much more groovy and jammy, less chill, than anticipated.

    At The Drive-In, Lollapalooza, At The Drive-In Lollapalooza, At The Drive-In Lolla

    At The Drive-In

  • At The Drive-In comes out to “Mother.” “We are Latin Danzig!”

  • It smells like elephant shit, and biting black flies are waging war. But cannot leave ATDI’s set. So good.

  • Cedric Bixler-Zavala: “This song is called ‘Technical Difficulties” from the album ‘What The Fuck Happened To My Pedal?’”

  • Ben Folds is here, looking like a dad. A librarian dad.

  • There goes Jesse Pinkman from ‘Breaking Bad.’ And Perry Farrell, tailed by security and a candy raver. Bet she’s a big Jack White fan.

  • Was supposed to see White Stripes in 2003, but Jack broke his finger. Now he’s playing “Hotel Yorba” and I feel slightly better about it all

  • Game over. Time for deep-dish. #wedidit