The house was sold out, and most were there to see Little Boots perform old staples and new tracks on the date of the release of her second full-length album, Nocturnes. But I’d be damned if there wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t excited after watching Brooklyn’s Avan Lava. The sextet is embarking on their first tour with Ms. Boots, and their wild set was filled with choreographed disco jams and liberal blasting of confetti guns. This was baby making music—bring a friend and get your boogie on.

And the beat certainly didn’t stop there. There were no space-age laser harps in Little Boots’ set, and her signature Tenori-On, featured heavily in her 2008 CMJ shows, took a backseat to her darling voice and cutesy dance moves. The set-up of her massive amount of gear is daunting but it doesn’t define her act. Little Boots took to the stage decked out like a ’70s disco queen: diaphanous chiffon gown, silver 5-inch platforms and a demure but commanding attitude. A mixture of dance hall partiers and collared bro-dudes jumped in time. And, she headed the sweaty but wholesome dance party for the next hour and half, including one encore and one costume change. And everyone seemed to know the lyrics to every hypnotizingly repetitive song in Little Boots’ repertoire—from early blog hit “Meddle” through newly-released single “Broken Record.”