Photo by Annie Lesser

“In ‘I Speak Because I Can’ I say, ‘My husband left me last night.’ Now, I have never been married. And I start out ‘Salinas’ with ‘I come from Salinas.’ I do not come from Salinas. I have never even been to Salinas.” The audience chuckled as Laura Marling played a medley of “Don’t Ask Me Why” and “Salinas.” At that point she was playing with energy and stage presence, but for her first three songs it seemed like she was going through the motions. When she began in on “Ghosts” though a switch flipped somewhere in her soul because she began to play with her body and face, not simply her voice. Lea Michele was in the audience and Gleeked out on that song, as she grabbed her cell phone and began videoing the Brit.

After playing the “Don’t Ask Me Why/Salinas” combo, Marling dismissed her band to perform some solo pieces. For the second of these she played a new, yet-to-be-titled song. She said that she plays a new piece at every show so there will be “a little edge,” as it “raises [her] chances of fucking up.” She also apologized a bit before singing it saying, “Not only do I play a lot of gigs, but I go to a lot of gigs, and I know how annoying it is to hear new songs, so I feel for you.” But of course she proceeded to knock her new ditty out of the park. One of the most beautiful lyrics of the night came from it with, “How does a child know/Where mother’s weakness goes?”

She didn’t mess up her new song, but when she sang “Sophia” later on in the evening she broke down while reaching for the high notes, laughing a few lines in and declared, “I wrote in this key? What for?” before laughing even harder and starting the song over again. After finishing “Sophia” she giggled, “I think my guitar tech just asked if my balls just dropped.” She regained her composure while swigging from her beer bottle, which she can now do legally since she turned 21 this past February. At this point Laura gave her usual concert spiel about how she’s not rock ‘n’ roll enough to do encores so, “If you wanted an encore this is the last song, and if you didn’t this is the second to last song.” She plucked her strings, opened her mouth and began to sing, “My husband left me last night.”

01. Rambling Man
02. Alpha Shadows
03. Alas I Cannot Swim
04. Ghosts
05. Card
06. Muse
07. Hope In The Air
08. Don’t Ask Me Why/Salinas
09. Goodbye England
10. New Song
11. Night After Night
12. Blackberry Stone
13. What He Wrote
14. Sophia
15. I Speak Because I Can
16. All My Rage

Photos by Annie Lesser.