Johnny Marr - Photo by Adela Loconte

Johnny Marr – Photo by Adela Loconte

Webster Hall in New York City was jam-packed with the heaving hordes that seem to accompany any live experience related to the Smiths. That usually means an occasional Morrissey show. But as time has passed, a Johnny Marr live show has become an even more rare event, especially on the heels of an album, his (technically first) solo album, The Messenger.

Marr and his band played a mix of his solo career songs and Smiths’ classics. And the crowd really lost it when Smiths’ bass player Andy Rourke took the stage on a few songs. Plus, Johnny’s son Nile Marr played with the lushly tuneful opener, Meredith Sheldon, and you could see Johnny standing at the soundboard watching as a proud papa instead of his usual stance as a modern guitar god.

Photos by Adela Loconte .