Fiona Apple - Photo by Adela Loconte

Fiona Apple – Photo by Adela Loconte

As expected of a famously dramatic character, Fiona Apple’s show last night at NYC’s gorgeous Beacon Theater was quite a theatrical event. Stripped-down but never wan, the moody singer played the whole set together with gadabout L.A. guitarist, Blake Mills. With Mills (who was incredible), a drummer and a double bass player at her side, Apple was free to go through all of her vocal characters. Aside from the varying emotions of the tunes, Apple kept the crowd laughing between songs, thanks to some oddly spooky jokes. The set veered from jazzy to experimental to dreamy. And as always, her ardent fans went nuts for every move. Mills’ moves weren’t too shabby either. He constantly switched up guitars, and even pulled out a ukulele. Whatever her fickle inspiration, mysterious career lulls, long droughts between albums, etc., Fiona Apple seems to intuitively understand that when she does finally come out of hiding to do a show, she should make it unique and memorable. And this show was that and more.

Photos by Adela Loconte.