Each month our friends at The AU Review will be highlighting the best new music from Australia. Check out their top picks for August below.

Leader Cheetah – Adelaide, South Australia

Leader Cheetah is a band that remains an Adelaide-born gem. Two albums into their career, the four-piece have earned the love of crowds Australia-wide as well as deserved kudos from national broadcaster Triple J and Rolling Stone, the latter of which touted the band as our next big export. Usually, this smoky Americana-influenced brand of rock wouldn’t be my bag, but what I enjoy about Leader Cheetah’s material is that there’s something so incredibly organic and soothing which has a place in every one of their songs. With rollicking tunes as well as a melancholic ballad and as a live act, Leader Cheetah know how to relay each of these emotions directly through to the audience with effect. The band has still managed to form and maintain a strong fan base without pandering to popular commercial trends and has also gained the respect of other artists and critics, too. Check them out! Sosefina Fuamoli

Dave Graney – Sydney, New South Wales

Dave Graney has been on the Aussie scene for quite a while, at one point proclaiming himself as Australia’s “King Of Pop.” His current band is called the Lurid Yellow Mist, which has now been, bizarrely, shortened to the mistLY. The latest album, You’ve Been In My Mind, was recorded in two days and mixed by Graney over a longer period.

“This bunch of songs was recorded quickly, just the way I like it,” says Graney. “It’s not about layers of sounds. It’s just the simple setup of the band in the room and the songs. We knew them all pretty well so every song was put down to the machines with absolute certainty, power and poise. It’s got all the flavours and tones about music that I’ve loved.” Mandy Hall

Northeast Party House – Melbourne, Victoria

Not only is this band producing some of the catchiest tunes Australia has heard in a long time, the Melbourne-based outfit has also pulled off one of the most impressive live shows around, too. In fact, it was live that I first saw them, when they were promoting their debut self-titled EP last year. This record had some stellar tracks on it, including “Empires” and “Embezzler”, which I highly recommend, but their newest single, “Pascal Cavalier”—the first track to be taken off of the band’s forthcoming album, due out early 2013—has been playing on repeat in our offices for weeks now. I can’t get enough. I’m expecting huge things for this band. Fans of bands like Bloc Party should take extra note. Larry Heath

Edward Guglielmino And The Show – Brisbane, Queensland

As an intelligent, playful, poetic and endearingly quirky musician, Edward Guglielmino’s songwriting is arrestingly charming. From the mixed-bag of tracks to pick from on Edward Guglielmino And The Show’s album Sunshine State, it would have to be the folk-pop number “In The Morning” that is brimming with the most warmth and romance. As Guglielmino’s vocals shift from baritone to falsetto to tell us that, “In the morning I get up, I kiss your face,” the song launches into a joyful, escalating melody filled with trumpets and silky-smooth backup singing. With rich instrumentation, beautiful vocals and a glorious dose of happiness, “In The Morning” is a song well worth checking out. Lucy Inglis

That Velvet Echo – Perth, Western Australia

There are times in your life when you come across something that leaves you scratching your head as to how you ever survived without it. For me, That Velvet Echo is one of those things. It’s like packing up the dog and the car and heading off on a surprisingly candid voyeuristic journey through the thoughts, feelings and emotions of two of the most incredible singer/songwriters you are ever likely to hear. Intelligent and articulate, each TVE song provides a raw, un-sanitised look inside the lives of these two truly gifted artists. If you love beautifully crafted and emotionally honest music, then That Velvet Echo are for you. If you don’t then Billy Ray Cyrus is rumored to be touring again later this year. Tony Lendrum