Speaking of YouTube videos, I just took a peek again at “Somebody That I Used To Know,” and it looks like it is almost at 45 million views. (Ed. note: It’s now up to more than 62 million)
I wonder how much of that is being spurred by this other viral hit that Walk Off The Earth have had covering my song.

Yeah, I saw that. What do you think of that?
I thought the cover was very clever, and the video has a great novelty aspect, and, yeah, I think they’re great. But it’s pretty curious to sort of see how like the heat around the viral video is insane. It’s far more intense and quick in terms of the way my song and video got out there. I’m sure it’s leading people back to the original at times, but then there are these peculiar things happening. Like in Canada, their single on iTunes is outselling my original.

What?! That’s cheap.
Yeah! And I’ve been kind of like, “Aw, really?” I guess that just goes to show how crazy things on the Internet can be. For me it actually reminds me of, on the one hand, these viral-type sensations that happen on YouTube are very contemporary, very now and the product of where we’re at with the all-access Internet, Facebook-sharing culture. But on the other hand, what is happening with their single charting higher than mine digitally in their local territory is it’s just like the ’60s when local artists would sometimes pick the original artist at the post by doing a cover and getting it out to an audience before the original artist was in the market.

That seems like cheating. But you can’t blame them for wanting in on the “Somebody That I Used To Know” action. That track has been credited as being a very spot-on, relatable breakup song. Do you have a favorite breakup song?
Breakup song…It’s not a subcategory amongst the music library in my head. That’s a tough one. Nothing is coming to mind straight away.

It’s a broad category. I’d probably have to go with “Against All Odds,” Phil Collins. It’s a great one.
I think of…well, it’s not really a breakup song. It’s the complete opposite actually…Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush’s “Don’t Give Up” is like a song of solidarity between a husband and wife. For some reason I think of that. They’re a couple of my favorite artists, and it’s the moment when they sang together, and it’s one of these amazing songs in great recording. But yeah, you know, not a breakup song at all. [Laughs]