Potty MouthHell Bent (Old Flame/Marshall Teller)

Release Date: September 17
If you decide to name your band after a Bratmobile album, the likelihood of me being excited about the music you release is going to triple just because. But Potty Mouth have taken it a step further, meaning there are actual, tangible, sonic reasons for my excitement. So far the all-girl foursome has only released a 12”, Sun Damage, but their full-length debut promises to deliver even more gum-chewing drawls, sticky grunge guitars and lyrics about people being shitheads. I can feel the suspense building in my estrogen ducts. – LP

Schoolboy QOxyMoron (Top Dawg Entertainment)

Release Date: TBA
It seems like no one can talk about Schoolboy Q without mentioning his Black Hippy buddy and everyone’s dream boy Kendrick Lamar. But equally obscuring for Schoolboy’s major label debut could be last year’s Habits And Contradictions, a stellar, self-important, self-released album whose slow burning wake n’ bake vibes might be hard to top. I say “might be,” because if the singles Schoolboy Q has released so far (“Yay Yay” and “Collard Greens”) are any indication of what’s to come (slippery, breathy rhymes and vainly casual beats) he’s already got his feet firmly outside that shadow. – LP

Sky FerierraI Will (Capitol)

Release Date: TBA
The fashion darling and former teen dream tore through CMJ 2013 with tracks like “Red Lips” and, one of our favorites of 2012, “Everything Is Embarrassing.” Now, like DIIV frontman and CMJ alumn Zachary Cole, Ferierra is now one of the new faces of the new Saint Laurent campaign. (Take note, Vogue.) So when can we expect her much-delayed album I Will? Vaguely, as she said in a Marie Claire interview, this summer.

SuperchunkI Hate Music (Merge)

Release Date: August 20
It’s tough to hate Superchunk. This is a band that’s remained committed to spreading the gospel of power-pop where ever they (po-)go. They exude positivity. They bleed integrity. Seriously, it’s almost a little disturbing to see the word “hate” even in close proximity to Superchunk. After a nine year hiatus between 2001′s Here’s To Shutting Up and 2010′s Majesty Shredding, the group came back stronger than ever and one can only assume that I Hate Music, despite the haterade-filled title, will be equally as joyful, life-affirming and essential. – DJ

Ty SegallSleeper (Drag City)

Release Date: August 20
Ty Segall is no My Bloody Valentine. He’s not gonna make us wait until our aged skin is flaking off and our dreams are in the gutter to release new music. In fact, he’s got so many albums, and so many collaborations, and so many side projects, he’s starting to seem like the Shakespeare of Bay Area garage rock. How many Ty Segalls are there really? But like finding money in our pants before doing laundry, we never get tired of him (or them). And with last year’s Twins thrashing about in that wacky space between lo-fi skuzz and kissy ballads, Segall has already convinced us he can do whatever the fuck he wants.