Photo by Alex Erde

Michelle Lewis (Boston, MA): Anywhere I can get a slice at 3 a.m. is my favorite place to be in NYC.

Apollo Run (Brooklyn, NY): Meatball Shop in the East Village. If the special of the day is Buffalo Chicken Meatball, you MUST order it. Tasty delicious.

Mainland (Brooklyn, NY): Mercury Lounge has the best sound. You can find a big band doing an intimate show there.

Wachichoo (NY, NY): Well, we have a fondness for Subway bar in Williamsburg. Great cheap drinks and a casual vibe in there. We recorded part of our video for “Don’t Bother Me” there, in the skeeball room (which is sadly closed). For live music, Bowery Ballroom has always been a favorite—saw Budos Band killing it there this past summer.

Black Taxi (Brooklyn, NY): Arlene’s Grocery is my favorite small venue. Great vibe, and great stage and house sound—so many good Black Taxi memories there—our first gig without he band as it is now was there! Favorite place for grub in the LES is Snack Dragon. The newer LES spot is great for chilling and eating fish tacos, and the East Village location on East 3rd between A and B is the best late-night spot for a bite. You can order through the window and eat right on the street. So tasty, hip and cheap!

Cosmos Says Hello (Astoria, NY): Gramercy Theater. We enjoy eating at Crif Dogs. After a long night of drinking and playing, the best way to end the night is a Crif Dog and NO we aren’t getting paid for that.

Bird Call (Brooklyn, NY): I don’t think I’ve gone a week without a falafel sandwich from Oasis in the past few months. It’s my current addiction. Cameo, Glasslands, and Pete’s always have great music on any given night of the week. I usually will check out a random show every week whenever I’m in town.

Big Ups (New York, NY): Silent Barn. Can’t wait till they pull a Jesus and come back from the dead.

Gross Relations (Brooklyn, NY): Fave NYC venues—Glasslands, 285 Kent, Cake Shop. Silent Barn, we miss you.

HiFi Phantom (Toronto, Ontario): That taco truck on Bedford.

Poingly (NY, NY): Well, every other Wednesday poingly DJs at Washington Heights Free Radio, and we do a bunch of events at places like Ding-Dong Lounge (to get your drink on), and Word Up Books. Totally representing uptown!

Delta Rae (Durham, NC): Several late-night trips to Pommes Frites have elevated that joint to the top.

The Yes Way (Brooklyn, NY): Our favorite snack joint and bar has got to be the Anchored Inn. It’s around the corner from our practice space, has AMAZING chili lime peanuts and the trivia night is guaranteed free shots…gotta save a buck! We don’t have a favorite venue because we haven’t played them all yet (we’re talking to you MSG!)

The Nico Blues (Wayne, NJ): Our favorite NYC venue is Glasslands in Williamsburg, because you look like God when you play on that stage. Our favorite snack joint is probably Snack Dragon tacos in the East Village. Finally, our favorite bar is Hi-Fi on Avenue A, because they play awesome music and have Hold Steady records on the walls.

Tiny Victories (Brooklyn, NY): Our band meetings are at La Superior, home of the best dang tacos in Brooklyn.

Lifeone (Brooklyn, NY): My favorite venue is probably Public Assembly, lots of good memories there. My favorite snack spot is definitely Fratelli’s Pizza (best vodka pie in the world). My favorite bar would have to be Lucky Dog. Aside from begin in my neighborhood AND being dog friendly, the drinks are cheap and the bartenders are sweethearts.

Lachi And Meridian Gold (NY, NY): Chipotle…hands down.