Mux Mool

Ghostly International artist Mux Mool combines his astral musings with dark hip-hop beats, weighing down flighty and tinkling effects with the weight of bass or quirky lopsided percussion. At once danceable and thinkish, Mux Mool occasionally dives further into techno sounds than his low-end contemporaries.

Mux Mool plays at DROM on Thursday, October 20, as part of the AM Only showcase.

Purity Ring

Do you like witch house? How about uptempo witch house? How about uptempo witch house with a little nostalgia for the 1980s? Ladies and gentlemen, Purity Ring.

Ungirthed by PURITY RING

Purity Ring plays at Webster Hall on Friday, October 21, and at Mercury Lounge on Saturday, October 22, as part of the Windish showcase.

DJ Teddy King

It’s always a bad sign when someone says they hail from “Dirty Jerz,” but DJ Teddy King makes up for it from the studio of Boundless Radio in Brooklyn, NY. He works closely with DJ Mondee and is unafraid to wander into soul, funk and Motown when he’s at the decks.

DJ Teddy King plays Littlefield on Tuesday, October 18, as part of the Shemspeed showcase.


Last weekend, U.K. dubstep/grime beat stylist Zomby proved to be a simply unmissable act. His deep, far-outer-space beats are reminiscent of Flying Lotus without all the jazz and Californianess—instead, Zomby is 100 percent British, focusing his energies on bass-y and dance-floor-ready grime that will make your teeth chatter and the synapses in your brain spazz out. It’s rave music with a trendy haircut and aloof low-end posture.

Zomby plays Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, October 22, as part of the 4AD showcase.

Ernest Gonzales

Ernest Gonzales’ stage name is meant to provoke controversy. In an email to NPR, Gonzales explained that the name Mexicans With Guns is meant to inspire reflection and consideration of the issues it seems to touch upon: border conflicts, drug cartels, immigration. Beyond the name, Mexicans With Guns is less thinkish and spaced-out than that of some of his contemporaries at the gluggy Low End Theory, making his bass-grinding drum ‘n’ bass beats an interesting choice for the dance floor.

Mexicans With Guns plays Public Assembly on Friday, October 21, as part of the Dutty Arts/Dubspot showcase.