Each week the CMJ staff sifts through thousands of radio playlists that contribute to our weekly charts. In the Chart Discovery column, we highlight exciting artists, albums and songs brought to our attention by the charts of our reporting panel of college and non-commercial radio stations. This week’s favorites come from CHUO in Ottawa, ON and WESU in Middletown, CT.

Cherub at WESU

Jokest duo Cherub’s EP, 100 Bottles, is the addictive love child of modern electro-pop, funk, and 80’s dance. Endlessly catchy, the EP snagged the No. 4 spot at WESU’s Top 200 this week. The Nashville duo came together duo with “with a common goal to share a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love with people across the globe,” all perfectly communicated through the six sultry dance jams.

Fevers on CHUO

No Room For Light, the sophomore release from Canada’s Fevers made its way onto CHUO’s Top 200 this week. Kicking off with a hugely sweeping cinematic opening, Fevers allows for their own talents to shine alongside disco and alt-rock sampling, which creates something unique. The electro-pop group’s sound is full of heavy synths, huge sonic landscapes, vocal harmonies, and Sarah Bradley’s delicate and personal vocals. All of these elements together, No Room For Light is intimate without losing its jauntiness.