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CMJ 2011 Artist Tamborines (London, U.K.)

Sonicbids Spotlight: CMJ 2011 Artist Tamborines (London, U.K.)

September 30, 2011, By

Blurry pop music from London

Gentlemen Hall (Boston, MA)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Gentlemen Hall (Boston, MA)

September 23, 2011, By

Not many other bands have inspired a Ben And Jerry’s smoothie

Bottle Up And Explode (Auburn, Alabama)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Bottle Up And Explode (Auburn, Alabama)

September 16, 2011, By

Four Southerners in praise of pop music

Yuksek (Reims, France)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Yuksek (Reims, France)

September 9, 2011, By

This French artist falls on the pop side of the electro-moon

Graveyard Lovers (Brooklyn, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Graveyard Lovers (Brooklyn, NY)

September 2, 2011, By

This blues/rock duo is rough but sweet, with a strong kick

Dub Is A Weapon (Brooklyn, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Dub Is A Weapon (Brooklyn, NY)

August 26, 2011, By

The band creates a new dub dialect from the core language

Our Mountain Profile (Melbourne, Australia)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Our Mountain Profile (Melbourne, Australia)

August 19, 2011, By

The Melbourne-bred Brooklynites of Our Mountain have many key qualities of an old-school rock band.

Princess Chelsea

Sonicbids Spotlight: Princess Chelsea1

August 12, 2011, By

Including the title “princess” in the name of a dreamy, smart-mouthed psych-folk songstress runs the risk of being too perfectly fairytale-ish and quirky—unless …

Tic Tic Boom!

Sonicbids Spotlight: Tic Tic Boom!

August 5, 2011, By

Los Angeles quartet Tic Tic Boom! began five years ago, when singer Leilani Francisco and guitarist Mike DeLay started dating. “I wrote a song and …


Sonicbids Spotlight: SkyBlew

July 29, 2011, By

Mario Farrow, better known as SkyBlew, is not your typical rapper: His music doesn’t contain any curses. “I promised my grandmother before her passing …