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Columns » Sonicbids Spotlight

Filligar (Chicago, IL)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Filligar (Chicago, IL)

January 6, 2012, By

From hockey bros to band bros

Kids And Explosions (Toronto, Canada)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Kids And Explosions (Toronto, Canada)

December 16, 2011, By

Mash-up does not equal squashed tomato

Fierce Creatures (Fresno, CA)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Fierce Creatures (Fresno, CA)4

December 9, 2011, By

Seven’s not a crowd for this band

Der Spazm (Sacramento, CA)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Der Spazm (Sacramento, CA)5

December 2, 2011, By

Hypnotic jams that last a ‘Thousand Days’

Rare Monk (Portland, OR)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Rare Monk (Portland, OR)

November 18, 2011, By

Ne’er-do-wells lurk in the lyrics of this PNW band

Body Parts (Los Angeles, CA)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Body Parts (Los Angeles, CA)

November 11, 2011, By

Body Parts does it ‘On Purpose’

Vickers (Florence, Italy)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Vickers (Florence, Italy)

November 4, 2011, By

An arsenal of guitar effects and a gift for snappy pop timing (Toronto, Canada)

Sonicbids Spotlight: (Toronto, Canada)

October 28, 2011, By

Finding a band on Craigslist

My Pet Dragon (Brooklyn, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: My Pet Dragon (Brooklyn, NY)1

October 14, 2011, By

The quintet heads for the ‘Mountains’

HiFi Phantom (Toronto, Canada)

Sonicbids Spotlight: HiFi Phantom (Toronto, Canada)

October 7, 2011, By

Answering the call of Craigslist