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Columns » Sonicbids Spotlight

House Of Blondes (New York, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: House Of Blondes (New York, NY)1

June 1, 2012, By

New York trio makes ‘Clean Cuts’ of electronic pop

The Raw Men Empire (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Sonicbids Spotlight: The Raw Men Empire (Tel Aviv, Israel)1

May 25, 2012, By

Rock rules in the White City

Missions (Austin, TX)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Missions (Austin, TX)

May 18, 2012, By

Somewhere between the end time and a galaxy far, far away

Alto Verde (Baltimore, MD)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Alto Verde (Baltimore, MD)

May 11, 2012, By

B-more rock city

Mind The Fox (Oklahoma City, OK)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Mind The Fox (Oklahoma City, OK)

May 4, 2012, By

Remember, ‘Life is ridiculous, and so is this band’

Calumet Reel (Bloomington, IN)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Calumet Reel (Bloomington, IN)3

April 27, 2012, By

Heartland rock from a band of Hoosiers

Bronx Cheerleader (Saint Catherines, ON)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Bronx Cheerleader (Saint Catherines, ON)

April 20, 2012, By

Gimme a “B”

Lunic (New York, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Lunic (New York, NY)

April 13, 2012, By

Kaitee Page and Megan Berson make late-night music

Minus The Tiger (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Minus The Tiger (Utrecht, Netherlands)

April 6, 2012, By

Sorry about the cat.

Arborea (Lewiston, ME)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Arborea (Lewiston, ME)

March 30, 2012, By

Exploring the woods with the husband-and-wife duo