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Columns » Sonicbids Spotlight

White Lung (Vancouver, BC)

Sonicbids Spotlight: White Lung (Vancouver, BC)

August 24, 2012, By

No-nonsense punk from some ladies and a gentleman

Sonicbids Spotlight: Old Lights (St. Louis, MO)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Sonicbids Spotlight: Old Lights (St. Louis, MO)1

August 3, 2012, By

Break-up songs with nothing to hide

Futurist (Brooklyn, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Futurist (Brooklyn, NY)

July 27, 2012, By

Playing dress-up with Brooklyn’s black sheep

Dead Ships (Los Angeles, CA)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Dead Ships (Los Angeles, CA)5

July 20, 2012, By

Yeah, these songs are about girls

I Am Lightyear (Brooklyn, NY)

Sonicbids Spotlight: I Am Lightyear (Brooklyn, NY)

July 13, 2012, By

Time is on Lauren Zettler’s side

Tontons (Houston, TX)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Tontons (Houston, TX)107

July 6, 2012, By

Bun B approved pastiche rock from H-town

Adventure Galley (Portland, OR)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Adventure Galley (Portland, OR)1

June 29, 2012, By

Electro-pop earworms from the PNW

Teepee (Miami, FL)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Teepee (Miami, FL)

June 22, 2012, By

Avant-pop from Erix S. Laurent

Green Paper (New Brunswick, NJ)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Green Paper (New Brunswick, NJ)

June 15, 2012, By

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but this band found it in the leaves

Pravada (Indianapolis, IN)

Sonicbids Spotlight: Pravada (Indianapolis, IN)

June 8, 2012, By

Going for something ‘just a tiny bit creepy’