Venues Of Note

Home Club

Home Club is truly home. Home to many different independent music communities and a huge pillar of the Singapore music scene. Many epic nights of Singapore music history have been witnessed taking place at this humble 500pax location. Home club is home ground.

MAAD Sounds! At Red Dot Museum

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MAAD is the Market Of Artists And Designers. It’s a monthly Friday affair to celebrate local creativity at the red dot design museum. Amazingly creative environment with awesome performance by up-and-coming to seasoned bands. A perfect “training ground” for musicians and artists to gather feedback, test market and create awareness on one’s creative endeavors amongst the creative community.

Blu Jaz

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When I was in college I started waitressing at a couple of cafe/restaurants/bars on the side. Blu Jaz was one of my favourite joints. Day in day out, you’d see the coolest jazz cats strutting their stuff, the occasional indie gig that jives everyone into a good funk and the intimate singer-songwriter vibes that lure you into a different psyche. I didn’t stay waitressing long, because the place was always packed and too pumping for me to handle. Besides, I was just way too distracted with the acts and parties that were held. To date my favourite indie gig I’ve ever played was at Blu Jaz, It was the sweatiest affair in my life, but i truly felt that love was “indie” air. On a side note, the mango prawn salad there is the bee’s knees. Blu Jaz is stomping ground.

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