Bands Worth Watching

Charlie Lim

One of the most charming personalities I’ve had the pleasure to witness baring his heart on stage. It’s always hypnotic to see a fragile soul with such sensitivity, delivering beautifully crafted poetry that reflect sentiments that we all once felt. Combine his musicianship and that alluring left-to-center awkward charisma he carries, it’s a recipe enough to make any girl (or boy) swoon helplessly.

Cashew Chemist

A band of lovely sweet boys, with a classic Beatles-meets-the-Kooks-meets-the-Strokes swagger. Perfect music for lazy rhythmic hip swaying while lamenting one’s blues. You know, the kind of music you’d let your hair down, resigned on finding a resolution for your problems and just realizing that you should just be… cool.


There are many moments I wish I had a soundtrack playing while I waltz into my life’s cinemascope scenes in 60 frames per second. ANECHOIS would be the obvious choice for a grandiose post-rock overture. There is just the right amount of drama, enigma and melancholy to sonically to accompany me everywhere I go.

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