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Columns » On The Verge

Teleprompter (Brisbane, Australia)

On The Verge: Teleprompter (Brisbane, Australia)1

November 3, 2011, By

Nerds embrace dance rock and dinosaurs

Gotye (Melbourne, Australia)

On The Verge: Gotye (Melbourne, Australia)

October 27, 2011, By

Connecting with ears around the world (including Chad Kroeger’s)

Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire (Brooklyn, NY)

On The Verge: Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire (Brooklyn, NY)

October 22, 2011, By

Up close and personal with rap’s newest profane obsession

CMJ 2011 Artist Little Red (Melbourne, Australia)

On The Verge: CMJ 2011 Artist Little Red (Melbourne, Australia)

September 29, 2011, By

The (indie) boy band is very much alive

Beast Make Bomb (Brooklyn, NY)

On The Verge: Beast Make Bomb (Brooklyn, NY)

August 30, 2011, By

The band’s cuteness runs counter to its punk rock heritage

Bosco (Savannah, GA)

On The Verge: Bosco (Savannah, GA)

August 23, 2011, By

Brittany Bosco Heads Into The Subconscious With ‘Pacer’

Youth Lagoon (Boise, ID)

On The Verge: Youth Lagoon (Boise, ID)

August 2, 2011, By

With only three songs released, Boise-based Youth Lagoon is a young project. But the three songs— “July,” “Cannons” and the pre-album single, “Montana”—…

Jay Vons; Exclusive Track Download

On The Verge: Jay Vons; Exclusive Track Download

July 6, 2011, By

CMJ has the exclusive download of the Jay Vons’ unreleased track “Night (Was Stealing From The Sun).” Grab it here, and stream below. CMJ Exclusive: …

Chad Valley (Oxford, UK)

On The Verge: Chad Valley (Oxford, UK)

July 1, 2011, By

Chad Valley was the name of a toy company started by Joseph and Alfred Johnson in the late 1800s in Birmingham, a town outside of …

Gallops (Wrexham, UK)

On The Verge: Gallops (Wrexham, UK)

June 16, 2011, By

You could try to describe instrumental U.K. outfit Gallops‘ sound, but the group’s Myspace bio probably says it best: “Gallops are where live …