WTBU is named Station Of The Year at the 2012 CMJ College Radio Awards.

WTBU is named Station Of The Year at the 2012 CMJ College Radio Awards.

Now entering the fourth decade of CMJ, college radio continues to shape and influence our sphere of independent music. Which is why, as always, we’re excited to announce the first round of for-college-radio by-college-radio programming at CMJ Music Marathon 2013! Sure, we like to have a good time, but our focus is providing edifying programming and the opportunity to experience the music industry on a professional level—learn from a multitude of professional talks and networking sessions.

Watch this space for more details on times and locations, as well as more college radio programming at CMJ 2013. Snag the great student discounts that are still available now. CMJ Music Marathon takes place October 15-19 in New York City.

College Radio Mixer

Tuesday, October 15
This is the seventh iteration of the College Radio Mixer, a must-attend event for all station personnel. It kicks off the week and presents the perfect opportunity to meet your station’s peers, makes connections, and find panel and show buddies for the entire week. So pick up your badge and come on over! Refreshments and music courtesy of the New Zealand Music Commission. You must be affiliated with a radio station to attend.

College Day

Thursday, October 17
It’s the main event: an all day networking/learning session with those in radio trenches. There will be panels, breakfast, lunch and bands performing courtesy of Sounds Australia.

College Day Panels:
Autonomy, Authenticity, And Defining Independence
What does it mean to be an independent station? Whether working with your community or school, learn how to attain funding, respect, and good will while retaining your station’s key mission and voice.
Moderator: Jeffrey Szczesniak – Faculty Advisor, WDWN

Music Directors’ Summit
Past and present music directors get together and tell all: how to shape the sound of the station, how to represent your station to the industry at large, and more. No question is too big, too small or off-limits in this always-anticipated panel.
Moderator: Canada M. Fox – Radio Promoter, Pirate! Promotions

Radio Relevance: 2013
In an age of on-demand streams and branded events, we’ll explore how college radio remains an important cultural force both on- and off-line.
Moderator: Ken Freedman – Station Manager, WFMU

CMJ College Radio Awards
The 9th Annual CMJ College Radio Awards ceremony will close out College Day. The awards are a celebration of those making waves in college radio and embodying the spirit of the medium. You nominate ‘em, you vote on ‘em (check out the 2012 winners). We’ll have our usual illustrious Station Of The Year and Music Director Of The Year awards plus a few new ones. Nominations will open on CMJ.com August 26. All CMJ New Music Report subscribers are eligible and encouraged to nominate. Winners will receive gifts furnished by Champion and Kaotica.

Looking to pitch an idea or obtain a badge purchase invoice? You can reach us any time at collegeday@cmj.com.