2011: WSOU's Omar Ahmad presents the award for Sexiest Phone Voice

2011: WSOU’s Omar Ahmad presents the award for Sexiest Phone Voice

CMJ Music Marathon’s College Day is all ready. But now it’s time to nominate those who shine best and brightest in our industry for the 2012 CMJ College Radio Awards. Which station do you think was this year’s best? Who are you dying to work for after graduation? And most importantly, which promoter do you think is kinda-sorta inappropriately hitting on you? Let us know! The College Radio Awards—the only college/non-comm radio awards nominated by and voted on by those in the industry—are back and eager to reward the stations and industry members for their hard work and dedication.

Check out who took home the prizes in 2011 and nominate your 2012 favorites today.

Nominations close at midnight on Sunday, September 16. You must be a CMJ New Music Report reporter or subscriber to nominate. Winners will be voted on on-site at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City this October. Looking from group discounts? Email collegeday@cmj.com for pricing and invoicing.