A native of Reims, France, electro-popsmith Pierre Alexandre Busson of Yuksek studied piano at the Conservatoire Of Music for ten years before dropping his studies to do music professionally. Growing up with Serge Gainsbourg and the Fab Four, he was well-poised for a career in pop and picked up a range of influences, everything from west coast hip-hop to Seattle grunge. Early on he bounced around between bands, playing bass for Klanguage and worked with the Shoes and the Bewitched Hands. Tracks for Yuksek started coming together in 2006 with his first release dropping in 2009. Well-established, he hit the world scene an acclaimed DJ and a proven musician.

6 – TO SEE YOU SMILE (Preview) by Yuksek

The grind that comes with such a life, however, took its toll. Constantly moving threw Busson off-center, so to recover his balance he began working on Living On The Edge Of Time, his second album that arrived in June. “The majority of these songs came to me while traveling on trains, waiting at airports and hanging around by myself in hotel rooms,” Busson explains. He knew he could use a little help from his friends, so once back in Reims he got in touch with his old friends from the Shoes and the Bewitched Hands. The fruit of their efforts was Yuksek’s latest album. Currently back on tour to promote it, Busson no doubt still feels the familiar pangs of frustration when a flight is canceled or a train is late, but perhaps feels a bit of gratitude too. Without these things he may never have made this highly listenable, highly enjoyable album.

While the current of electro flowing through Yuksek is still strong, Time shows he wants more than to just churn out club anthems. This sentiment presents itself in a few ways, some subtle and some less so. On the track “White Keys,” a chorus of music junkies decry their restlessness: picture Busson up to his neck in these people on his upteenth tour date. “Off The Wall” launches with acoustic strumming like good bedroom pop until funky bass drops in and sets the track grooving. And yet he has abandoned all those club kids just yet, “Fireworks” delivers on its title, spraying multi-colored sparks all over the dance floor. Compared with Yuksek’s first album, 2009′s Away From The Sea, Busson’s lyrical presence is much stronger. He falls much farther on the pop side of the electro-moon this time around.

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