The Vickers is a band from Italy that sings in English and plays Brit-pop infused guitars. With us so far? If not, try and imagine the Arctic Monkeys sans the grit of the English working class and you’ve got the idea. With an arsenal of guitar effects and a gift for snappy pop timing, the members of the Vickers are more than rock ‘n’ roll imitators. In true European tradition, they’re taking American music and making it their own.

The foursome got together back in 2006. Andrea Mastropietro (vocals, guitar), Federico Sereni (bass, vocals), Francesco Marchi (vocals, guitar) and Marco Biagiotti (drums, vocals) took some time to gig around, playing everywhere from bars to the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool for 2008′s International Pop Overthrow. The band’s 2009 debut, Keep Clear, set a tone the band’s largely kept to since. Its 2009 EP, Sofa Sessions, sojourned into bedroom pop—or in this case, sofa pop—with acoustic strumming and a bare-bones approach. The coughs and count-offs that intro some tracks give it an intimate feel, like it was recorded in a living room.

The band’s latest, and very solid, effort, Fine For Now, arrived in February on their home label Foolica. Its musicianship is just where it should be after playing a hundred shows in the group’s native Italy alone, and countless others abroad. Frontman Mastropietro serves sleepy pop verses and sing-along choruses amidst a barrage of indie sounds of Vampire Weekend caliber. The record was mixed by Steven Orchard, who’s worked with megastars like U2, Iggy Pop and Paul McCartney, so you know the recording is as smooth as gelato. As an example, check out a video for the song “It’s All Really Mad,” taken off the LP, below.

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