If you were to describe the Sunshine House in one word, it would be “humble.“ From its sound to its members, the six-piece from Fort Collins, CO is incredibly modest for what it has achieved in just seven months. Though still a young band, it has released a self-titled EP, with a release party that sold out.

“It was kind of piece by piece,” the Sunshine House’s singer/guitarist Philip Waggoner told CMJ about the band’s formation. “Each new person changed the sound when they were added.” After Waggoner and guitarists Dylan Curtis and Zac Crider moved in together last April, the three began making music, then gradually added strings and drums to the mix. Three additional members later, the Sunshine House had what it needed to make the different sound for which they were aiming.

Often tagged as indie folk pop, Waggoner’s influences span from the roots of folk in Bob Dylan, to more ambient in Iceland’s Sigur Ros. However, it was Magnet’s debut album On Your Side that inspired Waggoner’s diversity.

“He really got me thinking you can have drastically different songs from track to track but still captivate people,” said Waggoner, who generally writes the foundations of each song, then brings them to the band members who each add their own individual elements to it. Keeping with its goal of captivating listeners, the Sunshine House writes folk pop tunes that provide more than expected.

“We try to write the songs in an ambiguous nature, lyrically and musically,” explained Waggoner. Though he and the group have their own meanings in mind when they create their music, the goal is to evoke a range of feelings in their listeners and for each to create their own personal meanings.

Now playing shows in Colorado to support the Sunshine House’s new release, including one with Cotton Jones and a possible date with the Civil Wars, the Sunshine House has already started to work on its next project that it hopes to start recording by May. Waggoner says that the new project aims to go in a different direction to bring something even deeper to the record.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.