Kentucky might be the last place you would expect to host the next high-energy electro-pop breakout band, however, Louisville’s the Pass is exactly that. The courageous quartet pours passionate lyrics into a whirlwind of synthesizers and upbeat rhythms, all while catering to the perfect dance party environment. The Pass released its debut LP, Burst (sonaBLAST!), in September 2010 and has been steadily inching toward the spotlight ever since.

The Pass consists of Kyle Peters on vocals and guitar, Will Roberts on bass, Brian Healey on keyboards and Neil Lucas on drums. And it should come as no surprise after hearing this band that nearly every member additionally dabbles in using various synthesizers and samplers, the essential ingredients in the band’s ’80s-throwback sound. Peters and Roberts originally met in high school in New Jersey and were in a number of garage bands together, but it wasn’t until their eventual relocation to Louisville, KY, where they met Healey and Lucas that the Pass was ultimately formed. With mutual influence from electro-dance artists like Justice and Daft Punk combined with its synth-pop rooted sound, the Pass has been developing with one main goal in mind: creating music of which it is fun to be a part.

The content of the Pass’ music draws inspiration from dance parties, relationships, making out, the power of positive thinking and whatever rests in between. It is without a doubt that Burst is as much a product of long nights experimenting with synthesizer loops and emotive melodies as it is the product of the band’s positivity.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.