She’s Hit hails from Glasgow and comes with a gritty swagger that made its way from the back alleys of post-punk into 2011. Playing since 2008 after bonding over the Cramps, She’s Hit got its name from a song by Australian post-punk band the Birthday Party. David Wilson fronts the Scottish quintet, his steel and slinky vocals punctuated by the cavernous and propulsive rhythm section of drummer Cammy Wilson and bassist Fraser McFadzean. Completing the atmosphere are guitarists Philip McLellan and Michael Hanson (also on synth), who add static and choppy chords to the mire. The end result is the sound of a murky heartbeat thumping through a distorted stethoscope.

A great example of the sound is She’s Hit’s first single, “RE:PEATER.” Underlined by a walloping bass/drum line, the song travels through surf-y, shoegaze-y and Stooges-y veins of rock, never settling on one but finding a nice balance between squall and pop. “RE:PEATER” comes in hard and fast, and stays there until it builds to a pleasingly huge cacophony, while never overcoming the underlying song structure. “We like to leave room for spontaneity,” Wilson explains, and She’s Hit achieves this by rarely completing tracks before going into the studio.

Coming off of a buzzy 2010—the band was featured as one of 10 Scottish acts to watch by Drowned In Sound and opened for the Dead Weather—She’s Hit is set to have an exciting year. The band will release its debut, Pleasure, May 23 through its own label, RE:PEATER. It will also open for post-punk legend Kid Congo Powers on his Glasgow stop in April. She’s Hit is playing in London on June 6, with a U.K. tour hopefully to follow. As far as a European tour is concerned, Wilson says, “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens after our record comes out.” There won’t be any waiting on making new music though; the members are already planning their second LP.

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