For Tom, Pat and Dan Murphy, the brothers who make up Philadelphia blues-rock band Penrose, originality stems from the big sound of blended influences and genres that they listened to as kids: “We were raised on a strict regiment of Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin, and this mixture between the stadium and the blues has been a part of us long before we picked up any instruments” says Tom, drummer for the band.

Penrose is the epitome of hard rock, modern blues revival with an alternative twist and a personal touch. The songwriting techniques this band uses, including shying away from any social/political issues and focusing on personal experiences, offer opportunity for different voices and perspectives from each member. One minute you’re detecting some Black Sabbath influences; the next, its Black Keys with a hint of R.L. Burnside. “Our big ambition was, can we take what we’ve learned from the old blues guys, mix that with what we love about the new stuff that we love and come up with something that might be interesting to fans of both?,” Tom says. If you’re looking for something that sounds like a true, old-school rock group but performs at today’s modern rocking pace, then Penrose is exactly that.

The family aspect of the band is a strong reason that it continues to grow and amplify, a sort-of commitment to the future of Penrose: “Being a band of three brothers is definitely something I haven’t seen in some time. The great thing about it is that we’re kind of blood-dedicated to it. We’re not allowed to break up. The Thanksgivings would be too awkward.” If you have a chance to catch Penrose live, don’t pass it up. For a band that favors live shows and touring over any other aspect of being in a group, there’s a guarantee that it can deliver entertainment and loud, dynamic music. “Our shows are loud as fuck, and we throw ourselves all over the stage,” Tom says. “Personally, my favorite part of the show is looking up every once in a while from my sweaty mess of a drum kit during a really fun groove in a song we play called ‘Fly.’ The crowd, every time without fail, combines into this seemingly choreographed jam. It’s a great feeling.” Penrose hits the road this summer in support of its full-length, Devil’s Grip, which was released back in December.

Tour Dates For Penrose:
07/23 – Belgrade Lakes, ME – Caravan 2011
08/06 – Philadelphia, PA – Danger Danger Gallery
08/11 – Richmond, VA – The Triple
08/12 – Greenville, SC – Karma
08/14 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick
08/15 – Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar
08/16 – Nashville, TN – The Basement
08/19 – Atlantic City, NJ – The Boneyard
08/20 – Wilmington, DE – Mojo 13
09/03 – Philadelphia, PA – Danger Danger Gallery

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