Upon hearing rap musician Nosaprise (real name Nosa Edebor) is from Houston, one can only think of the chopped and screwed genre but Nosaprise wants to make it clear that’s not what the Houston music scene is all about. “Houston’s rap scene is actually really eclectic,” breaks the mold of “down south” rap, “it’s not what most think of when H-town comes to mind.” His rhymes are reminiscent of early Wu-Tang and have an incredible flow often lost in today’s fashionable production-heavy rap. That’s not saying Nosaprise’s beats aren’t good—they are. He samples everything from saxophone and piano solos to jazz crooners. The beats could be a coherent song all on their own, probably because of his incredible musical ability on the guitar and keyboard.

Nosaprise is the grand-nephew to the African jazz legend Fela Kuti. When asked if his grand uncle influenced him musically, Nosparise says that Kuti’s “Philosophy influenced me more then his style of music,” but that doesn’t mean Nosa doesn’t have stories of his late uncle: “I’m related to Fela through my mom’s side of the family but my dad used to travel around Africa with him when he was young. Pops played Fela all the time growing up, what I loved was that Fela took bits of afro rhythms and jazz and created something totally new. He didn’t stay in one box and neither do I.”

Nosa’s major influences outside of said box include punk bands like Minor Threat and the Descendants—an interesting preference for a rap musician to say the least. Nosaprise grew up as a skate kid insanely into 80s punk and preferred the “straight edge” lifestyle Minor Threat perpetuated throughout his teenage years. Nosaprise got his start in music not as a rapper but as a musician in punk bands. It wasn’t until later he got into rap music. “It wasn’t till I got into high school that I started rapping with some friends and I been doing it ever since.” Nosaprise has appreciated the radical change “loud ass punk rock” has advocated and has woven its seamlessly into his own brand of rap music; he takes two completely different genres and combines them into something astoundingly epic and refreshingly original.

Nosaprise has a new EP out entitled Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades out now and is embarking this summer on a fairly extensive west coast tour starting July 9th.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.