Mister Loveless is a California-based band comprised of Rob Miller (vocals/guitar), Charlie Koliha (bass), Nick Clark (drums), and Sean Gaffney (guitar). Started in Walnut Creek (a Bay Area suburb) by Miller and Koliha in 2003, the band grew to add school friend Gaffney after seeing him destroy a microphone and bleed over his guitar at Las Lomas High School’s Battle Of The Bands. They added Clark on drums when it became apparent that he was, as Miller describes, an “all-around swell guy.” Known for its high-octane live shows (with a guitarist like that, it would have to be), since its formation the band has toured around California for the past few years, opening for high profile acts like Black Francis.

Mister Loveless is heavily influenced by post-punk, but Miller takes issue with the idea that it’s another post-punk revival band. And truthfully, it doesn’t sound like it, either. One thing that defines Mister Loveless is a timelessness—this isn’t an “of-the-moment” band. The songs can be kind of hard to peg; at one point it can sound like British post-punk and another sound like American post-grunge. It doesn’t seem like Mister Loveless has any stigma against being influenced by any particular genre; the members just play what they like. There is a big alt-rock streak through Miller’s alternately breathy and roaring baritone vocals and the drum work of Nick Clark. It’s refreshing to hear another guitar band that doesn’t sound like just another guitar band.

Miller calls Mister Loveless “as collaborative as a rock ‘n’ roll band can be, I think.” Most of the band’s songs fit into a wistful melancholic vein of straight rock, but they have been influenced by everything from Wire to Fleetwood Mac. The songs grow organically out of an idea, Miller says, sometimes just “derived from spontaneous jams.”

The group is focused on recording its next album, Grow Up, consisting of all new songs. Mister Loveless plans to embark on its first national tour this summer after the record is completed. Meanwhile, there will be a few shows in San Diego and Los Angeles, but for right now the members are hunkering down in Oakland to hammer out new songs.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.