If you were to ask a member of Romania’s Mes Quins what the four-piece sounded like, you would probably get an answer along the lines of, “A swear word coming from an old man listening to Kraftwerk.” It’s difficult to say whether or not the former is true—though the foursome did play a show in a nursing home in Romania, which may have sparked such a statement—but the Kraftwerk influence is clear in Mes Quins’ disco-soaked, synth-pop tunes.

The band got its start in 2008 when Ovidiu Chihaia and Silviu Gherman got together to start a band in Bucharest. Both were already stars in their own right—Chihaia had experience in other underground bands, while Gherman dabbled in acting and writing—and found success after playing their first show at the release party for Gherman’s second book. The second half of the group, bassist Gina Teslaru and drummer Ovidiu Rusu, was then added to round out the sound.

Mes Quins creates music clearly suited for the dance floor, with Chihaia and Gherman lending their vocals over guitars, keyboards, bass and a drum machine. The sound evokes a retro feel but is completely updated using today’s music technology. Though the music is more closely associated with the underground dance music of the Eastern world, Mes Quins has accrued some mainstream success, having been featured on Romanian MTV in 2009 with its video for “In The Land Of The Dead” and opening for Montreal’s Handsome Furs among others.

“Printeso,” the first single off the group’s debut album, Electro German, received rotation on Romanian radio, giving the group a lot of exposure in its home country. The single is a synth-driven track, complemented mostly by Chihaia’s vocals—that become more intense as the song progresses—and computer-generated drums. Following up the success of “Printeso” was the group’s second single off the soon-to-be-released debut, “Michelle,” which was a new entry on Radio Guerrilla’s TopShow, the only Romanian radio station to compile its charts based on listener’s votes.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.