Clouds Make Sounds combines “difficult” rhythms with an introspective aesthetic to create multi-part folk-pop songs, where the focus is on texture and dynamics rather than on verse-chorus-verse. At the same time, Clouds Make Sounds is not afraid to raise its folk-y idiom to the next level. The result is a promising band with a coalescing sound that is far more developed than the members’ ages suggest.

Clouds Make Sounds is a product of Williamsport, PA’s Uptown Music Collective, a music school that specializes in teaching music lessons and workshops. “We owe every bit of our musical training and professionalism we have to the Collective,” bassist Joe Marchese says. Marchese and guitarist Deron Johnson teach jazz workshops at the Collective, and their training shows—on “Chasing Joy,” complex polyrhythms and lilting melodies support each other, reaching a level of rhythmic proficiency one usually only finds in metal. Josh Hines’ crystal tenor is a highlight, underlining the melodic strengths of the songs.

With members ranging from 16 to 21 years of age (Vocalists Shannon Cantor, is still in high school), Clouds Make Sounds is definitely a young band. So it is all the more impressive that the level of musicianship is exceptional, that the song structures are this complex, and that there is so much room to grow within the constructs of the band’s sound. The five-member group has just released its self-titled debut and is touring around New York and Philadelphia. An East Coast tour is approaching, and it will be interesting to see where this young band can go.

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Artists, submit for your own chance to be the Sonicbids Spotlight.