The Melbourne-bred Brooklynites of Our Mountain have many key qualities of an old-school rock band: bluesy roots, a gritty, dark, intense sound, and most importantly, a female member who perfectly embodies the ego ideal of rock chick sophisticate. More psychedelic metal than the Kills but just as manicured, Our Mountain has toured with the Slits and recently landed a residency at Pianos in New York for August and September. The lead single from the band’s upcoming debut LP, “Wooden Hearts,” promises an album of heavy songs with a sonic proclivity towards the macabre—lots of drum and bass layered with eerie melodies from keyboard and violin.

Wooden Hearts – 2011 Debut album preview by Our Mountain

Outside the moody sound of their music, the members of Our Mountain let on no such angst. Founding members Matthew Hutchinson (vocals, guitar) and Michael Noonan (drums) became friends during their school days—at a gay bar, although considering Hutchinson is dating the band’s keyboard player and resident grunge couture model Abbey Lee Kershaw, that seems coincidental—and moved out to New York in 2009. Together Hutchinson and Noonan started Whiskey Go Go, but soon folded the project to start fresh with Our Mountain. The band’s current roster includes Hutchinson, Noonan, Kershaw and drummer Daniel Hallpike, all of whom came from Australia to Brooklyn to pursue lusty, intense rock dreams. And in case you were wondering, Kershaw met Hutchinson at a falafel stand.

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