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Mind The Fox‘s motto is simple: “Life is ridiculous, and so is this band.” Accordingly, the Oklahoma City quartet doesn’t subscribe to a specific style or genre: Psychedelic grooves are nestled in garage-inspired funk, with intermediate touches of jazz and folk. This is a band that isn’t afraid to draw from heavier influences like Tool and Queens Of The Stone Age alongside inspirations like the Band and Led Zeppelin.

The fine fellows in Mind The Fox didn’t all meet at once. In 2008, when the band was still in its primordial stages, it was only vocalist/guitarist Zach White and percussionist Braden Jordison, jamming on a borrowed drum kit and a Crate practice amp. Keyboardist/guitarist John Paul French and bassist David Jewell joined in 2009 and 2011, respectively, filling out the roster. The dudes are united by a common set of ideas: Individuality creates originality, originality spawns creativity, creativity removes boundaries, and without boundaries there are endless possibilities. And this is inherent in tunes like “Contradicting Friend,” which breaks the boundaries separating blues, garage and psychedelia in a way Jim Morrison would have loved, as well as the ragga freakout of “Libra Lowrider.”

French’s voice, too, knows no boundaries. He’s got the vocal acrobatics of Robert Plant, mixed with the dry crackle of Jack White. Fans of classically inspired blues with modern sensibilities will want to give Mind The Fox a listen. And since the band’s debut LP, Songs For The Needy, is available for free download on Bandcamp, it’s easier than ever to add these guys to your summer rotation.

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